A Family-Focused Intervention for Asian American Male Smokers

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"Can a family-focused intervention promote smoking cessation in Chinese and Vietnamese male smokers?"
Age: 18 to 100 years old
Healthy Volunteers: No
Keywords: smoking cessation, family, health behavior
Type: Behavioral study
This project proposes two aims. The first aim is to evaluate the efficacy of a family-focused intervention in promoting smoking cessation in Chinese and Vietnamese male smokers. Half of the participants will be assigned to the proposed intervention, and the remaining half will be assigned to an attention-control condition where they will receive education on healthy eating and physical activity.

The second aim is to explore mediators to identify key psychosocial and behavioral processes that underlie how the intervention affects the processes of quitting and maintaining abstinence in Chinese and Vietnamese smokers.
This study requires

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Who can participate

Inclusion Criteria (for smoker participants):

  • Chinese or Vietnamese males

  • Age > 18

  • Speak Cantonese or Mandarin (major Chinese dialects) or Vietnamese

  • Have smoked at least 1 cigarette daily during the past 7 days, have a family member in the household with whom he will participate in the study, plan to stay in the area for the next 3 months (to complete all intervention activities) and can provide a valid phone number and a mailing address (for follow-up assessments and for sending saliva sample collection kits and payments).

Exclusion Criteria (for smoker participants):

  • Those who are currently in a smoking cessation program or trying to quit smoking with assistance will be excluded.

Inclusion Criteria (for family participants):

  • Family members (male or female) of an eligible smoker

  • Age > 18

  • Speak Cantonese or Mandarin (major Chinese dialects) or Vietnamese

  • Have never smoked or have formerly smoked but have not had any cigarette in the year prior to participation

Exclusion Criteria (for family participants):

  • Only one smoker-family dyad from a household may participate.

  • They must not live in the same household as their own LHW (or another LHW) or have participated in the study at any time (e.g., focus groups not directly related to the intervention implementation)

Study duration and period
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Recruitment period
From Oct. 6, 2014
UC Davis Department of Health Sciences
1 Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
Clinical Trials Office
Research Topic
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Family
  • Health Behavior

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