A Study of Experimental Combination Treatment with Chemotherapy, Nivolumab, and / or BMS-986205 for Bladder Cancer

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Age: 18 years or older
Healthy Volunteers: No
Keywords: bladder cancer, muscle-invasive bladder cancer, cancer, bladder
Type: Biological study, Phase 3
6 Participants
This study will test the effectiveness (how well the drug works), safety, and side effects of the experimental drug called BMS-986205. It will be tested in combination with another cancer medicine called nivolumab plus chemotherapy. This study is for patients who have bladder cancer that has grown into the muscle wall of the bladder. These drugs will be compared to just chemotherapy.

BMS-986205 is a small molecule and nivolumab is a human monoclonal antibody. A small molecule such as BMS-986205 is a chemical that is designed to block the function of a protein (called an enzyme) within the body. BMS-986205 is an IDO1 inhibitor. Blocking the IDO pathway may help your immune system to fight abnormal cancer cells in the body. An antibody is a type of protein that your immune system (the body's defense system against harmful particles) uses. Antibodies find and destroy foreign particles (such as bacteria and viruses). Scientists can now make antibodies in the laboratory and produce them for the treatment of many different diseases.

Nivolumab is an anti-PD-1 antibody. It works by attaching to and blocking a molecule called PD-1. PD-1 is a protein that is present on different types of cells in your immune system and controls parts of your immune system by shutting it down. Antibodies that block PD-1 can prevent PD-1 from shutting down the immune system. This allows immune cells to recognize and destroy cancer cells. Nivolumab is approved to treat certain cancer types.
This study requires

The study team will make sure you qualify to take part in the study. Qualified participants will receive detailed information about the study. This may include a list of study-related tests and procedures.

Who can participate

Inclusion criteria:

  • Participants with MIBC, clinical stage T2-T4a, N0 (<10 mm on CT or MRI), M0, diagnosed at TURBT and confirmed by radiographic imaging. Variant histology is acceptable if there is a predominant urothelial component.
  • Participant must be deemed eligible for Radial Cystectomy (RC) by his/her oncologist and/or urologist, and must agree to undergo Radial Cystectomy (RC) after completion of neoadjuvant therapy.
  • Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) Performance Status 0 or 1

Exclusion criteria:

  • Clinical evidence of positive LN (≥ 10 mm in short axis) or metastatic bladder cancer
  • Prior systemic therapy, radiation therapy, or surgery for bladder cancer other than TURBT or biopsies is also not permitted
  • Ineligible to receive cisplatin due to Grade 2 or higher peripheral neuropathy or audiometric hearing loss, or calculated (Cockcroft-Gault formula) GFR or measured (24-hour urine) creatinine clearance (CrCl) < 50 mL/min
Benefits and risks of participating

We cannot promise any benefits to you as a result of taking part in this research study.


The study doctor will discuss the risks associated with taking part in this research study.
You will not be paid to take part in this research study.
Study duration and period
If you agree to join this study, you may receive treatment for 1.5 years. You will then be seen in the study clinic for around 5 years after that (approximately 6-7 years in total).
Recruitment period
From March 19, 2019
UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
4501 X Street
Sacramento, CA 95817
Research Topic
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer
  • BMS-986205

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