A Study of Experimental Medicine Rivaroxaban in Preventing Blood Clots in Cancer Treatment

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18 or older
Healthy Volunteers:
Cancer, Blood, Clot, Veins, Thrombosis, Rivaroxaban, Thinner, Heart/Cardiovascular
Drug Study
700 Participants
The purpose of this study is to see if the experimental medicine Rivaroxaban is useful in reducing the risk of developing blood clots while undergoing cancer treatment. However, not everyone in the study will get Rivaroxaban; some patients will receive a placebo (sugar pill). The safety of Rivaroxaban will also be studied.

There are three parts to the study: Screening, Treatment and Follow-Up.
This study requires
  • About 5 visits to UC Davis Cancer Center

  • Take drug/placebo orally once daily

  • Imaging, blood draws, urine collection, and questionnaires at study visits

Who can participate

Men and women, age 18 and older, who are have been diagnosed with cancer, and will be receiving cancer therapy. Some types of cancer not eligible for study participation.

Benefits and risks of participating
Taking part in the study may improve patients' condition and prevent clots from happening, but there is no guarantee. Not all patients will receive active study drug. Since Rivaroxaban is a blood thinner, it may make it more difficult for participants to form blood clots that prevent from bleeding too much. There is a risk of bleeding and bruising due to this.
Compensation is provided for time and effort.
Study duration and period
Screening must be completed within 14 days. Treatment will last 180 days (about 6 months) and will require coming to clinic 4 times. One last follow-up telephone call will occur at day 210 of study participation. Research visits can be coordinated with scheduled doctor visits.
Recruitment period
From April 5, 2016
UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
4501 X Street
Imaging Research Center
Sacramento, CA 95817
Siobhan Vasquez