A Study of Past Experimental Treatment With Dexmedetomidine in Patients With Renal Transplants

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"This retrospective study will examine the use of Dexmedtomidine in renal transplants."
Age: 18 years or older
Healthy Volunteers: No
Keywords: renal transplant, kidney transplant
Type: Observational Study
2000 Participants
About 15,000 Americans a year have a kidney transplant. Graft failure occurs about ~ 40% of the time.

Dexmedtomidine can help prevent kidney deterioration. It has been shown to protect kidney function in animal laboratory studies.

This study will be a retrospective study. Patient data from the electronic medical records will be collected and analyzed. We will examine graft failure and overall complications. We will also examine the length of hospital stay, infections, and pulmonary complications.
This study requires

This is a retrospective study. Patients will receive routine standard of care. Nothing additional is required to participate.

Who can participate

Inclusion criteria:

Patients greater than or equal to 18 years old that underwent renal transplant at UC Davis Medical Center -

Exclusion criteria:

Patients that did not undergo renal transplants and patients less than 18 years old will be excluded from the study.

Benefits and risks of participating

The study team cannot promise any benefit from participating in this research study.


The study doctor will discuss risks associated with participating in this research study.
There is no compensation for taking part in this study.
Study duration and period
Since this is a retrospective study, no additional time is required from patients.
Recruitment period
From Oct. 11, 2013
UC Davis Medical Center
2315 Stockton Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95817
Research Topic
  • Renal Failure

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