A Study of the Experimental EXPLORER PET/CT Medical Scanner in Healthy Volunteers

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"Help us test the performance of the world's first full-body EXPLORER scanner"
Age: 18-100
Healthy Volunteers: Yes
Keywords: PET scan, CT scan, medical scanner, imaging study
Type: Device Study
45 Participants
We're inviting healthy volunteers to take part in an imaging research study. The purpose of this study is to test the performance of a new experimental medical scanner.

The scanner, called EXPLORER, is the first total-body PET/CT medical scanner that is able to scan the entire human body and its organs at once. It is 40 times more efficient and has the potential to make a big impact in medical care and research.

The EXPLORER scanner is the brainchild of UC Davis Health scientists envisioned 13 years ago as a scanner that could capture images quicker, better, or with less radiation than current scanners

PET/CT scanning is a very safe medical imaging technique that tracks and maps out the movement of tiny amounts of radioactively-tagged sugars after injection in a body. Across the world millions of PET scans happen in patients each year.
This study requires

This study has three study groups. You can choose a specific group until recruitment for a group is completed. Depending on the study group you will participate in:

  • Up to four visits
  • EXPLORER PET/CT, CT and MRI imaging
  • The first visit will inform you of study details and determine your eligibility.

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Who can participate
  • Healthy men and women, 18 years of age or older
  • Who have a primary care physician
Benefits and risks of participating
There are no direct medical benefits from participating in this study. There are possible risks related to radiation exposure and imaging contrast dye.
You may receive up to $150 or up to $375 depending on the study group you are enrolled in.
Study duration and period
This study will involve up to 4 visits to the study center and a single visit can last up to 13 hours.
Recruitment period
From June 19, 2019
EXPLORER Molecular Imaging Center
3195 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95816
Research Topic
  • healthy volunteer
  • PET scan
  • CT scan

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