Antibiotics and Kidney Disease in Cats

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"Help us find the best antibiotic dose to treat kidney disease in cats!"
Animal: Cats
Age: None specified
Healthy Pets: No
Keywords: kidney disease, kidney, enrofloxacin, Baytril, cat, feline
Type: Drug
20 Participants
Background and purpose
Cats may be at greater risk for experiencing side effects from the antibiotic, enrofloxacin because they cannot easily get rid of the drug from their system. There are no studies evaluating enrofloxacin levels in the blood of cats and dogs with kidney dysfunction. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to figure out the levels of the antibiotic, Baytril, in cats with kidney disease.
What happens in this study

This study will only involve blood collection over 36 hours following administration of Baytril; however, a brief urinary tract ultrasound (under sedation if needed) and a brief fundic eye examination may also be performed.

Pet owner responsibilities

If you choose to have your cat participate, you will be responsible for covering costs associated with the initial diagnosis, hospitalization and routine bloodwork monitoring that is normally needed to treat your pet’s illness, take-home medications, and any medical treatments needed if your cat experiences any medical problems while in the study.

Participation requirements

If the exams, tests, and procedures show that your cat can take part in the study, and you choose to enroll them, then we will collect blood and urine over 36 hours. A urinary tract ultrasound (sedation may be used) and fundic eye examination may also be done.

Benefits and risks of participating
Participation in this study will allow us to find prescribe more accurate doses of Baytril in cats with kidney disease, which could reduce toxic exposures and ensure appropriate drug levels are given to treat the infections.
The study will cover one intravenous dose of Baytril, placement of the sampling catheter, and some of the blood sampling (specifically that for the SDMA kidney test and a creatinine value).
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Clinical Trial Informational Flyer
Study duration and period
A single, overnight visit to the hospital for blood collection.
Recruitment period
From Oct. 24, 2018
UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital
1 Garrod Drive
Small Animal Clinic - Internal Medicine
Davis, CA 95616
Dr. Elizabeth Lee

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