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"Color Deficient Males Needed"
Age: 18-55
Healthy Volunteers: Yes
Keywords: Color Blind, Color Deficient, Suspicion of Color blindness
Type: Behavioral
50 Participants
Researchers are trying to learn more about color vision and how those with color blindness see contrast compared to those with normal color vision.
This study requires

Up to 3 visits, lasting ~2 hours, after the initial screening which lasts ~ 1hour, at the UC Davis Eye Center, Sacramento medical campus.

Who can participate

Age 18-55 with either normal color vision or those with a suspicion of color blindness or known color blindness.

Benefits and risks of participating
Risks are minimal including unlikely breach of confidentiality. Benefits include free color vision screening and education about one's color deficiency. Participants are compensated $35 per each visit of testing after the initial screening.
$35/visit after the initial screening
Study duration and period
Screening visit: 1 hour Follow-up visits: 2 hours each
Recruitment period
From March 1, 2018 to March 1, 2019
UC Davis Eye Center
4860 Y Street
Ste. 2400
Sacramento, CA 95817

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