Communication Study in Down Syndrome

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Age: 2-7 years old
Keywords: Down syndrome, DS, Language
Type: Behavioral
The goal of this research study is to learn more about how samples of early communication and spoken language skills can be used to measure change over time in communication/spoken language, problem solving, and behavior in individuals with Down syndrome. In the future, it is possible that measures of early communication skills may be useful as one way to learn whether different medications or behavioral interventions can help individuals with Down syndrome learn to use language more effectively.
This study requires

3 visits to the MIND Institute over a 1-year period

Who can participate

children with Down syndrome ages 2-7

Families will receive a $50 honorarium and the participant will receive a $5 gift card from a national retail store for each visit to the MIND Institute.
UC Davis MIND Institute
2825 50th Street
Sacramento, CA 95817

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