Comparison of 3 Modes of Genetic Counseling in High-Risk Public Hospital Patients

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Age: 18 to 70 years old
Healthy Volunteers: No
Type: Behavioral study
600 Participants
The investigators will conduct a study in many locations with high-risk English-, Spanish-, and Cantonese-speaking patients. Patients will be assigned to three counseling modes: (a) in-person; (b) phone; or (c) video conference. All counseling sessions will be audio-taped. A sample of 90 tapes will be analyzed for counseling content and to identify 30 participants for in-depth interviews. Genetic counselors will be interviewed in depth for their perceptions of the strengths and limitations of each counseling mode.
Who can participate

Eligible participants include patients who

  • visit the mammography, high risk or oncology clinics at Contra Costa County, Highland or SFGH hospitals,
  • are referred to genetic counseling services at SFGH by a community clinic through the E-Referral system or are considered to be high risk based on their breast/ovarian cancer genetics Referral Screening Tool (RST) score (≥ 2 checks)
  • speak English, Spanish, or Cantonese Investigators will also include two genetic counselors who provide services at SFGH and UCSF.

Exclusion criteria:

  • do not speak English, Spanish, or Cantonese;
  • are age 17 and under; and
  • don't have a family history of cancer.
Clinical Trials Office
Research Topic
  • Genetic Counseling

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