Effects and optimal dose of gelatin and vitamin C on explosive performance of young active men

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"Can pre-workout supplementation with gelatin and vitamin C improve force transfer and performance in highly trained athletes?"
18-25 years old
Healthy Volunteers:
nutrition supplement, exercise, performance, athlete
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We have recently discovered that a nutritional supplementation with gelatin and vitamin C might help improve force transfer and performance in highly trained athletes. We hope to further study this by measuring explosive performance with this nutritional intervention. To test this idea, study participants will follow a nutritional supplementation and exercise schedule for about 3 weeks. We expect that this project will determine the effects of this a simple and safe nutritional intervention on explosive performance
This study requires

The nutrition intervention involves drinking gelatin with vitamin C (mixed in liquid) or a placebo control before each scheduled exercise period for 3 weeks

You will be asked to participate in a baseline exercise testing session which will last about 20 minutes.

You will be asked to complete 3 weeks of prescribed exercise for 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the same time of day) with a testing session on Friday of each week.

Food intake tracking 24 hrs prior to each exercise session

Who can participate

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Collegiate level male athlete, 18-25 years old, currently participating in sport (with medical clearance)

  • Subject is willing and able to comply with the study protocols

  • Subject is willing to consume the test products

  • Access to a smart phone or tablet at least 1x / week; and willing to download 2 free applications associated with the study

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Allergies or intolerances to peas, legumes, pulses, soy, dairy or wheat/gluten

  • Under current medical supervision

  • Tanner Score > 2

  • Non-English speaking

  • Current participation in a daily exercise routine of moderate or high intensity

  • Self-reported presence of disease, a history of serious illness, or who are currently under acute medical care.

  • Currently taking prescription drugs or supplements

  • Any supplement use, including multi-vitamin/ mineral, herbal, plant or botanical, fish oil, and oil supplements.

  • Self-reported malabsorption or gastrointestinal issues

  • Current enrollee in a clinical research study.

The payments would be up to $60 for completing all sessions but the last one.

Upon completion of the study, the remaining payment will be $140
Week completed Payment
Week 0 - baseline $20
Week 1 $20
Week 2 $20
Week 3 $140
Study duration and period
Three weeks
Recruitment period
From June 9, 2017
Functional Molecular Biology Lab
1 Shields Avenue
174 Briggs Hall
Davis, CA 95616
Dana Lis
Research Topic
  • Cardiovascular Risk Factor
  • Inflammation
  • Micronutrient Deficiency

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