Genetic Basis of Moles (Melanocytic Nevi)

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Study coordinator
Name - Sucharita Boddu
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"Help us discover the genetic basis of moles."
Age: 18 years or older
Healthy Volunteers: Yes
Keywords: Melanocytic Nevi, moles
Type: Other study
210 Participants
We invite you to take part in a research study because you have moles (melanocytic nevi). Many of the genetic mutations that cause moles are not known. This study aims to discover those genetic mutations.
This study requires

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to have a photograph(s) taken of your mole(s), a blood draw or saliva collection, and one or two skin biopsies. You can also participate by having only photographs taken of your moles.

For the blood draw, one-half ounce (15 cc) or less of blood will be withdrawn from a vein in your arm. The skin biopsy will be performed under local anesthesia. You can choose to have up to two skin biopsies and this will be scheduled accordingly. Photographs will be taken at each visit that has a biopsy.

The blood or saliva sample and the skin biopsy will be used to isolate DNA and RNA, the genetic material. The DNA and RNA will be analyzed in the laboratory to try to identify areas that may be related to the development of the skin lesion. A skin lesion is synonymous with a mole or a melanocytic nevus.

We will examine the skin lesion(s) using a dermatoscope (a hand-held microscope) and take a photograph of your skin lesion(s). We will ask for your permission to use these photos in scientific publications and/or presentations. You will not be identified in these pictures and your face will be covered in a way that you cannot be identified.

The research procedures will all be conducted in the clinical research exam rooms at the UC Davis Dermatology Department or in the designated research rooms.

Who can participate

Inclusion criteria: - Male or female subjects that are 18 years or older - Subjects with melanocytic nevi\ Exclusion criteria: - Patients less than 18 years of age - Patients without melanocytic nevi - Patients with a bleeding disorder or are taking anticoagulation medication

Benefits and risks of participating

We cannot promise any benefits to you or others as a result of taking part in this research.


The study doctor will inform you of the risks associated with taking part in this research study.
If you agree to take part in this research study and have a skin biopsy, you will receive $25 by check or gift card for your time and effort. If you return for a second biopsy, you will receive another check or gift card for $25 for each visit.
Study duration and period
This is as little as a one-time visit and we would not expect it to last longer than one hour. If you have multiple moles, you may decide to come back for additional skin biopsies (up to two biopsies).
Recruitment period
From Dec. 19, 2016 to Oct. 22, 2018
UC Davis Dermatology Clinic
3301 C Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
Sucharita Boddu

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