Have you sought medical care after being sexually assaulted?

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  1. *1. Are you 18 years of age or older?
  2. *2. What is your gender?
  3. *3. Since you turned 18, have you EVER been threatened or forced into unwanted sexual acts?
    A number of people experience sexual violence during their lifetime. In the next set of questions, we will be asking you about sexual acts that you were pressured into or that were forced on you.
  4. *4. When was the most recent time?
  5. *5. The most recent time you were forced into unwanted sexual acts, did you go to get medical help after this happened?
  6. *6. Were you offered medications to prevent HIV?
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"Our goal is to learn more about the interactions between women who have been sexually assaulted and their healthcare providers."
Age: 18+
Healthy Volunteers: Yes
Keywords: HIV, Sexual Assault, HIV prevention, Women's Health
Type: Telephone survey
We want to learn more about the interactions between women who have been sexually assaulted and their healthcare providers. We want to know how the interactions may subsequently impact HIV PEP (medications to decrease likelihood of HIV infection) treatment follow-up.
This study requires

Your participation will involve an interview over the phone, through a web-based call, or, if local to Sacramento, in person at a location of your choice. The interview will last approximately 1-2 hours and will be audio taped.

Who can participate

• Female • 18 years of age or older • Threatened or forced into unwanted sexual acts since turning 18 • Threatened or forced into unwanted sexual acts within the past twelve months • Sought medical help after the assault • Offered HIV PEP • Able to speak English

Benefits and risks of participating
Will being in this study help me in any way?

We cannot promise any benefits to you or others from your taking part in this research. It is possible that you may feel it is helpful to answer questions about your experience. If you take part in this study, you may help others in the future. Information from this study may be used in the future to help other people who have had a similar experience.

Is there any way being in this study could be bad for me?

You may feel that answering some of these questions is upsetting. If this happens, you do not have to answer that question if you do not want to. You may skip to the next question or you can stop the interview. We can give you information on how to contact national hotlines, if needed. Another risk is that you may worry that others will find out about the HIV treatment provided. None of your identifying information will be included in the interview. Only people on the research team will know that you are in the research study and will see your information. We cannot promise complete confidentiality.
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PDF Docs
Study Information Sheet
Study duration and period
1-2 hour telephone interview
Recruitment period
From July 19, 2017 to Aug. 31, 2019
Jessica Draughon Moret

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