Improving the care of orphaned neonatal kittens

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"Help us learn more about orphaned kittens and the care they need!"
Animal: Cats
Age: kittens < 10 days old
Keywords: neonatal kittens, health, fostering, orphaned kittens, behavior, feline
Type: Observation
200 Participants
Background and purpose
Are you interested in improving neonatal kitten care? Have you ever wanted to foster kittens? Never fostered before but want to get involved? Let's chat!

Our goals are to:

1. Understand how to best care for orphaned neonatal kittens;
2. Prevent problematic behaviors in orphaned neonatal kittens; and,
3. Understand how being orphaned effects health and behavior in neonatal kittens.
What happens in this study

We have multiple studies that involve orphaned neonatal kittens, so please let us know if you are fostering kittens and/or interested in participating in our studies!

General things to consider:

  • We will provide you with any supplies for the study if necessary.
  • We may ask you to collect data about when and how much you feed your kittens, and their daily weight.
  • You may be asked to video record your kittens (we will provide a camera).
  • You may be asked to participate in an experiment where kittens would be briefly separated from their litter mates and/or mother for 2 minutes and recorded (this study would require a home visit by UC Davis researchers).
Pet owner responsibilities

We are looking for people that live in the Davis or Sacramento area and are either currently fostering neonatal kittens and/or are interested in participating in studies.

If you are outside of the Davis area, but would be interested in participating in future surveys about kittens, feel free to sign up!

Participation requirements

Kittens must be less than 7 days old when entering most studies.

People with and without kitten experience are welcome!

Benefits and risks of participating
Results from our studies may improve management recommendations that allow for the optimal health and growth of kittens and our understanding of cat behavior.

We do not anticipate any risks to your fostered kitten from participating in this study. They may experience brief fear or distress from being separated from their mother or littermates. This reaction should be brief and should not require any medical intervention.
For some studies, we will provide you with supplies such as formula, bottles/nipples, bedding, and more, which may save you money on the costs of caring for neonatal kittens.

Have any questions or want to learn more? Leave your contact details below and the research team will reach out to you.


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