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Help us develop a male contraceptive gel. Contribute to discoveries that may improve health care for you and your family!
Healthy Volunteers: Yes
Keywords: Male contraception, Male family planning
Type: Phase 2, Drug Study
We're inviting couples to take part in a clinical trial for a male contraceptive gel!

Men who wish to control their fertility currently have limited options. They have to rely on their female partner using contraceptives, use condoms, undergo vasectomy, or abstain.

This study is testing a gel as a possible new method for male family planning. It is a transparent gel applied daily to the skin of the shoulders. It aims to decrease a man’s sperm production in a reversible way without reducing sexual drive. The study also looks at the men’s compliance and couple’s acceptance of this contraceptive method.

The study product is a combination hormone gel that contains Nestorone® and Testosterone. These hormones suppress the production of sperm to prevent the possibility of fathering a baby. Nestorone has been tested and shown to be safe and blocks the production of male hormones needed to make sperm. The testosterone in the gel works by replacing the testosterone that is normally produced by the body.

The study gel is being developed by The Population Council, a non-profit dedicated to reproductive health, in collaboration with the NIH.

There will be no cost to you and your partner for the study medication, study doctor’s time or procedures related to this study. Compensation for your time is provided.
This study requires

The study will take approximately 2 years. Men will visit the clinic approximately 31 times and their female partner approximately 10 times.

  • Men will start applying the gel once every day.
  • When the man’s sperm count drops to an appropriate level to prevent pregnancy the couple will begin to use the gel as their only form of contraception for one year. The man’s sperm count will be checked regularly.
  • Men will stop using the gel and the study team will monitor recovery of sperm production.

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Who can participate

We're looking for couples to participate. Men and their female partners are both active participants in the study and must both consent. See below for the main criteria for both men and women.

Inclusion criteria for men:

  • Be healthy and between 18 and 50 years (inclusive) old
  • Sexually active with the female partner in a stable, mutually monogamous relationship for at least 1 year

Inclusion criteria for female partner:

  • Be healthy and between 18 and 34 years (inclusive) old
  • Sexually active with the male partner in a stable, mutually monogamous relationship for at least 1 year
  • Have regular menstrual cycles of 21-35 days
  • No known infertility
- Man: You may receive up to $2,985 for your participation.
- Female partner: You may receive up to $1,140 for your participation.
Study duration and period
This study takes 2 years with approx. 31 clinic visits for men and approx. 10 clinic visits for their female partner.
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160
Katie Glavin

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