Looking at a new treatment and assessing the outcome through blood and urine in dogs with prostate cancer

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"Help us collect blood and urine to study a new surgical technique!"
Animal: Dogs
Age: None specified
Keywords: prostate cancer, prostate neoplasia, cancer, tumor, prostate embolization, blood, dog, canine, healthy
Type: Blood, Tissue, or Urine Collection
40 Participants
Background and purpose
Collection of blood and urine samples for research purposes may allow us to better understand the causes of cancer in pets and may lead to improvements in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of canine tumors. Additionally, evaluation of blood and urine can help us to determine efficacy of novel procedures such as prostate embolization.
What happens in this study
  • For normal dogs, we will do a physical examination and collect blood and urine for evaluation.
  • For dogs with prostatic neoplasia, we will collect blood and urine before and then 1-2 days and 1 month after the prostatic artery embolization treatment.
Pet owner responsibilities

If you agree to have your dog participate in this study, you will be responsible for keeping all scheduled appointments.

Participation requirements

We are looking for:

  • Healthy dogs
  • Dogs diagnosed with prostate cancer with owners that have elected to do prostate embolization

We cannot accept dogs with significant anemia (low red blood cells) or in patients that are dehydrated or have an impaired ability to clot their blood.

Benefits and risks of participating
Participation in this trial will help us better understand cancer in pets through improvements in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in pets.
You will not be responsible for any costs associated with blood or urine sampling.
Study duration and period
For normal dogs, the study will end after obtaining blood and urine for evaluation. For dogs with prostatic neoplasia, blood and urine will be obtained before and after treatment with prostatic artery embolization. Blood and urine samples that are obtained after treatment, will be obtained 1-2 days after embolization and approximately 4 weeks after embolization.
Recruitment period
From Jan. 9, 2017 to Jan. 9, 2019
UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
1 Garrod Drive
Small Animal Clinic - Soft Tissue Surgery
Davis, CA 95616
Dr. Bill Culp

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