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  1. *1. Does your child have a medical diagnosis of ASD or an educational classification of autism?
  2. *2. Is your child between the ages of 2 and 8 years old?
  3. *3. Is your child currently receiving autism specific services within the home environment, i.e. ABA therapy?
  4. *4. Based on the number of people living in your household, is your income equal to or less than what is listed below?
    2 Persons in family/household- $40,050 or less

    3 Persons in family/household- $50, 400 or less

    4 Persons in family/household- $60, 750 or less

    5 Persons in family/household- $71,100 or less

    6 Persons in family/household- $81,450 or less

    7 Persons in family/household- $91,850 or less

    8 Persons in family/household- $102, 250 or less
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"Are you interested in receiving information and educational materials about autism and the service system?"
Age: Parents of Children Age 2-8 years old
Healthy Volunteers: No
Keywords: autism, newly diagnosed, children, parents, families
Type: Behavioral Study
40 Participants
Mind the Gap seeks to educate parents/primary caregivers that have a young (ages 2-8) child diagnosed with autism. Participants will have access to resources and information that is individualized to meet their needs with the goal of providing support to the family before their child has begun receiving autism-specific services.
This study requires

We will ask you to participate in the study for about 1 year. You will be asked to fill out some forms and will have access to resources that may help you understand autism and the service system.

The specific resources you get will depend on which study group you are randomly assigned to. That means if you decide to join the study a computer will assign you to one of two groups. In one group, you will be asked to participate in weekly 30-60 minute meetings for about 12 weeks and then monthly for the rest of the year. These meetings can happen over the phone or in person with a peer parent coach, who also has a child with autism. You will also have access to a communication program called Parent Square to communicate wit h the peer coach and get on-line resources. This group will take about 25 hours for the whole study.

In the other group you will get access to resources about ASD and information you need to get services started but won’t meet with a peer coach. You will fill out a survey about once a month. The total time needed for this group will take about 8 hours for the whole study.

No matter which group you are assigned to, you will get resources to help you understand autism, how to navigate the service system, and other key topics that you may need such as information about challenging behaviors and communication.

The time may vary based on how much time you spend with the materials. In both groups, at the first meeting we will ask you for some information about yourself and your family, as well as your email and phone contact information. At the beginning of the study and every 3 months for a year, participants in both groups will be asked to fill out some surveys that ask about your community and families and how you are doing getting services for your child.

If you decide to participate, we will have you sign a consent form when we meet to do the first surveys. If you decide to enroll, you can stop your participation in the study at any time. Please know that all information you provide us as part of the study will be confidential. We will not share information without your permission.

Who can participate

We are recruiting parents living in the Sacramento and Yolo County areas with a child, 2-8 years old, who has received an autism diagnosis, but has not accessed autism-specific services yet (regular early intervention and school services are ok).

This is a parent education intervention, not a child intervention.

If your family size and corresponding annual income is equal to or less than what is listed below, you may be eligible for for the study.

2 Persons in family/household- $40,050 or less; 3 Persons in family/household- $50, 400 or less; 4 Persons in family/household- $60, 750 or less; 5 Persons in family/household- $71,100 or less; 6 Persons in family/household- $81,450 or less; 7 Persons in family/household- $91,850 or less; 8 Persons in family/household- $102, 250 or less;

There are some additional requirements we will review with interested parents during our first phone call.

Benefits and risks of participating

There are no direct benefits to you for participating in this study. However, this study is expected to provide you with information and resources about autism accessing services for your child.

Learning tools and materials may be beneficial throughout your child’s education. Another benefit to participating in this study is that information gathered from this study will help our communities understand how to help children with autism and their families.


We don’t expect any major risks. However, you may feel a little uncomfortable about sharing information with the research team or answering questions about your child.

In any research study, there is a very small risk that your information could be shared when it’s not supposed to be. We take your privacy very seriously and take many steps to keep your information private.

Also, as in any research study, records might be reviewed by the organization that funds our study and the university's regulatory board. Because this is a research study, there may also be some risks we do not yet know about. We will, of course, inform you if anything comes up that might add any risk to being part of this study.
You will receive a $20 gift card for completion of study paperwork at each survey point during the study– there are four time points.

This could be a total of $80 in gift cards for completing all study paperwork.
Study duration and period
We ask for a one year commitment. The estimated time varies between 8 to 25 hours over the course of the year, depending on which group you are randomly assigned to.
Recruitment period
From Aug. 1, 2018
Sacramento and Yolo County Areas
Sacramento, CA
Amber Fitzgerald

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