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"We want to learn about the effects of different cleansers on acne prone vs. clear skin"
Age: 13 - 40 years old
Healthy Volunteers: Yes
Keywords: Cleansers, Face wash, Acne, Clear skin, Microbiome
We're inviting girls and women ages 13-40 to participate in a research study. The goal of this study is to determine how different cleansers change the microbiome and other aspects of acne prone versus clear skin.

This study takes place at the Center For Dermatology in Fremont. Board Certified Dermatologists evaluate and care for all research participants. Research study products will be provided for free. You will be compensated if you qualify and complete the research study.
This study requires

The research study lasts for 28 days with 2 visits to the study center.

You will be provided with a 1 month supply of the study cleanser, as well as a study specific moisturizer and shampoo to be applied and used at home.

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Who can participate
  • Female 13 - 40 years old
You will receive up to $300 for your participation.
Study duration and period
The research study lasts for 28 days with 2 visits to the study center.
Center For Dermatology Clinical Research
2557 Mowry Avenue
Suite 21
Fremont, CA 94538

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