Peanut Allergy Study for Children 1 to 3 Years Old

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"Help us understand the potential safety and effectiveness of the investigational study drug in children aged 1 to under 4 years old."
Age: 1 to under 4 years old
Healthy Volunteers: No
Keywords: peanut, peanut allergy, allergy, clinical trials, immunotherapy, anaphylaxis
Type: Phase III
5 Participants
The Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University makes huge efforts to reduce the risk of severe food allergic reactions for our patients. Oral immunotherapy does not cure an allergy, for many, it may reduce the body’s allergic response to the allergen with continued use.

The drug to be used in this study has been widely tested. The study will help us understand the safety and effectiveness in children with peanut allergy aged 1 to under 4 years old.
This study requires
  • Participants will be seen at clinic approximately every 2 weeks
  • The total duration of treatment is approximately 12 months for each subject.
  • The total duration of the study is approximately 24 months
  • This study involves consuming peanut protein & Oral Immunotherapy (also called OIT)
  • Blood draw and skin prick test will be conducted at clinic
Who can participate
  • Children aged 1 to under 4 years old
  • Have been diagnosed with peanut allergy by a physician
  • We will go over additional patient eligibility criteria during a prescreening appointment
Benefits and risks of participating
Your participation in this study may help researchers to better understand peanut allergy, and advance the knowledge of future treatments to help patients with this condition.
Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy & Asthma Research at Stanford University
2500 Grant Road
El Camino Hospital, Tower 4C Room 4C347
Mountain View, CA 94040
Chamu Vadapalli

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