Reproductive health outcomes by method of breast milk feeding
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Age: 15-45
Healthy Volunteers: No
Keywords: breastfeeding, pumping, pregnancy, postpartum, breastmilk, breast pump
Type: Observational study
394 Participants
We are conducting a study looking at reproductive health outcomes based on whether mothers are breastmilk feeding at the breast or expressing milk through pumping. We are looking to understand how breastmilk feeding affects bleeding, or when periods start again, after delivery.
This study requires

This study includes monthly phone calls that last about 10-15 minutes. The surveys will include questions about breastfeeding and/or pumping in a 24-hour window, anything else baby is given other than breast milk (like formula), if your period has started again after delivery, and birth control use.

Who can participate

Please contact us if you are:

  • 15 through 45 years old

  • 32 weeks pregnant or greater

  • Planning to breastfeed or pump for at least 6 months after delivery

  • Not planning to start a hormonal method of contraception after delivery

  • Planning delivery and postpartum care at UC Davis

Participants will be compensated up to $60 for their time.
Study duration and period
6 months after delivery
UC Davis Health Lawrence J Ellison Ambulatory Care Center
4860 Y Street
Suite 2500
Sacramento, CA 95817

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