Study on Memory in Children and Adolescents

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Age: 3-17
Keywords: fragile X syndrome, Down syndrome, FXS, DS, memory
Type: Behavioral
The goal of this study is to develop a comprehensive, computerized memory assessment for use in populations with intellectual disabilities. It is our hope that this memory assessment will aid in diagnosing memory problems in these and other populations.
This study requires

If you decide that you and your son or daughter would like to be in this study, we will ask you to visit one of the study sites three times over a period of approximately 6 months. At each visit, your son or daughter will complete the Arizona Memory Assessment, which is administered on a touch tablet. We will also be collecting samples of your son/daughter’s cognitive and verbal abilities through a series of memory and speech measures administered by study staff, as well as a variety of sleep measures. Some of these measures will be administered several times across visits in order to determine if the information we obtain is consistent. Additionally, tabletop versions of a cognitive assessment will be performed. We will also ask you to fill out some questionnaires about your child’s behavior and everyday living skills.

Who can participate

Typically developing children ages 3-6. Children and adolescents with Down syndrome ages 6-17. Children and adolescents with fragile X syndrome ages 6-17.

Families will receive a $50 honorarium and the participant will receive a $5 gift card from a national retail store for each visit to the MIND Institute.
Study duration and period
3 visits to a study site over a 6 month period
UC Davis MIND Institute
2825 50th Street
Sacramento, CA 95817
Vivian Nguyen

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