Teamwork in the UC Davis Medical Center

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"Understanding of teamwork in a U.S.-hospital setting in order to inform a model that can be tested for effectiveness and sustainability"
Age: 18-100
Healthy Volunteers: Yes
Keywords: hospital teamwork
Type: Other
Team delivery models continue to be viewed as innovative ways to organize and improve the quality of care, to more efficiently use limited resources, and to contain escalating care costs. However, previous research in non-U.S. settings suggests that teamwork remains problematic and its promise highly localized given structural constraints and organizational contexts
This study requires

Observation of hospital teamwork, up to 6-8 hours in your hospital unit

Who can participate

A sample of 60 hospital practitioners will be recruited for this study. The guiding logic for the sample selection is a comparison of the outlooks and orientations towards teamwork that contribute to health practitioners’ occupational identity based on their position in the hospital division of labor. A varied sample will be sought so that participants are in different organizational positions, and different demographic characteristics are represented. Specifically, different types of health practitioners and organizational leaders will be recruited to collect their views about barriers and facilitators of team work in the hospital for comparative purposes and to assure sample variation. Sixty English-speaking adults able to consent will be recruited for individual in-depth interviews. Formal consent will be obtained for each participant and these may or may not be asked for verbal consent to be observed or shadowed in the ethnographic portion of the study. The criteria for selecting interviewees will be based on categories representing the organization of work in the hospital. Physicians will be selected at entry level as residents or new hires, as well as senior and attending physicians. Nurses will be selected from bedside care and administrative positions such as nurse supervisors. Other categories that may be included fitting the eligibility criteria will be respiratory therapists, social workers, and occupational, psychical, and speech (OPS) therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, and other team members that are a part of direct care provision in the hospital.

Ethnographic observations of UCD hospital units to collect interactional, behavioral information about team work practices will include shadowing of health practitioners (i.e. nurses, physicians, physicians’ assistants, etc.) at the UC Davis Medical Center. The selection of rotations, times, and floors for observation will be based on access and providers’ and hospital’s permission, with the intent to observe in as many diverse units within the hospital. Written permission will be obtained from the hospital administration and unit managers , verbal consent from patients and verbal consent from the health practitioners for the ethnographic observation to be conducted. Written consent is available upon request for both Practitioners and Patients. Practitioners must be English-speaking adults able to consent. Patients must be comfortable having researcher in the room in order for ethnographic observations to take place with patient present.

Benefits and risks of participating
We cannot promise any benefits to you or others from your taking part in this research. The information we collect from this study will help us to advance the understanding of teamwork in U.S.-hospital settings in order to inform a model that can be later on implemented and tested for effectiveness and sustainability.

There is minimal risk to participating in this study. Information from ethnographic observation will be analyzed as a whole and will not be tied to you
Study duration and period
Observation of hospital teamwork, up to 6-8 hours in your hospital unit
Recruitment period
From Oct. 27, 2016
UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
2570 48th Street
Sacramento, CA 95817
Gisela Escalera

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