The Effect of Gojiberry Intake (Lycium Barbarium) on vision
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"Does eating Goji berry help maintain a healthy vision in people between 45 and 65 years old"
Age: 45-65
Healthy Volunteers: Yes
Keywords: nutrition, Goji berry, eye health, vision, visual acuity
Type: clinical study
30 Participants
Scientists at UC Davis’ Department of Nutrition are conducting a study on the effects of goji berry on macular health in healthy men and women between 45-65 years of age.

The macula is a small but important part of the eye responsible for seeing clearly details about what's in front of you. As people age the macula is affected. We want to understand if eating goji berry keeps your vision healthy.
This study requires

This study takes 3 study visits over a period of 45 days. If you participate, you'll be asked to consume goji berry or lutein and zeaxanthin supplement. One functional vision test will be conducted at each study visit.

This study requires the participants to provide a letter from the optometrist showing that the individual has normal eye function.

Who can participate

To qualify for this study, you must be:

  • Male or female 45-65 years of age
  • In good health
  • With normal macular condition
You will receive up to $100 as compensation for your time
Study duration and period
Each study visit will be approximately one hour in length
Recruitment period
From May 27, 2019 to Jan. 31, 2020
Ragle Human Nutrition Research Center
Crocker Lane
1283 Academic Surge
Davis, CA 95616

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