Tracking home blood pressure and mood data through mobile health applications installed on a smartphone
"Do you have a diagnosis of hypertension or depression that would benefit from improved control?"
18-80 years old
Healthy Volunteers:
hypertension, depression, PERCEPT, mobile health, mHealth, Chronic care
This study will gather home blood pressure, activity and mood data through mobile health applications installed on a smartphone, and will combine it with medication data from your electronic medical record.
This study requires

You will take part in a 90 minute project and technology orientation meeting where: For all participants: • Learn how to use the PERCEPT mobile application • Fill out questionnaires about your health and use of mobile applications

For participants with hypertension: • Download the study mobile applications and get hands-on practice in recording your blood pressure and viewing the results • Learn how to use a blood pressure cuff and the iHealth mobile application to record your blood pressure.

For participants with depression: • Download the study mobile applications and get hands-on practice in recording mood data and viewing the results.

For all participants: o At 3 months, we will contact you via survey with a questionnaire about your personal well-being, use of the mobile health application and, if you have a diagnosis of depression, about your mood. o At 6 months, the conclusion of the study, you will take part in a 1-hour group meeting.

Who can participate

Individuals with a diagnosis of HTN or depression who meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria will be eligible for participation in this study. Participant eligibility will be assessed with a telephone interview.

Inclusion Criteria:

  1. Primary care patient at UCD or UCSF.

  2. Able to speak and read English

  3. Male or female 18-80 years of age at Telephone screening.

  4. Documentation of a diagnosis of hypertension OR depression

  5. Written informed consent (and assent when applicable) obtained from subject or subject's legal representative and ability for subject to comply with the requirements of the study.

  6. Have an Android or Apple iOS smartphone
  7. Willing to install the PERCEPT, iHealth (for hypertension cohort) and Moves mobile applications
  8. Willing to self-report blood pressure or mood data at specified frequency
  9. Willing to be have your location and activity tracked.
  10. Have downloaded a mobile application from the appropriate mobile app store (App store for iPhones or Google Play for Android) within the past 1 year.
  11. Have home Wifi access.

Exclusion Criteria:

  1. High blood pressure or depression being managed by a physician outside of UCD or UCSF

  2. Current participation in any other mobile app-based clinical study

  3. A diagnosis of both hypertension AND depression
  4. A diagnosis of depression with psychosis
  5. Planning to relocate from area within the study duration
  6. Impaired vision that could limit the use of the mobile apps (participant-reported)
Benefits and risks of participating
Tracking your blood pressure and mood data may enable you to be more aware of your blood pressure and mood and can inform your next doctor’s visit, leading to better control of your medical condition. Hence, there may be minimal direct benefit to you from participating in this study.

• The application consumes power, so nightly charging is recommended. With typical phone use, a smartphone running the study application should have enough battery power to last all day.
• The GPS on your smartphone already collects data on where you are at all times. You may experience a sense of loss of privacy as a result of sharing your GPS location. For our study, this data is not transmitted or viewed in real time.
• You may experience discomfort when completing the daily activities or answering survey questions.
• There is the potential for loss of personal data. While we will make every effort to ensure that your data remains confidential, it may be lost due to loss of your device, hardware or software failure, and other reasons. If you feel uncomfortable with any study activity, you may discontinue participation at any time, either temporarily or permanently.
• For more information about risks and side effects, ask one of the researchers.
In return for your time, effort and travel expenses, you will be paid $130 in giftcards for taking part in this study. This will include a $50 giftcard at the enrollment visit and a $50 giftcard at the study completion visit. In addition, at the enrollment visit, you will receive $30 as a giftcard ($5/month for the study duration) to offset any additional data requirements from this study. We will also cover the costs of transportation and parking for the enrollment visit and the final study visit.
Study duration and period
Six months
Recruitment period
From Aug. 23, 2017
UC Davis Medical Group, Folsom
271 Turn Pike Drive
Folsom, CA 95630
Michael Lehman

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