UC Davis HCV Telementoring Program (ECHO-Plus)

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"We are with you every step of the way to be the next HCV Champion"
We are seeking primary care providers, like you, to become "champions" for Hepatitis C care in your community. We hope you will become the local experts for HCV care and allow a greater number of patients to be managed and cured for their hepatitis C locally.

It is the mission of ECHO-Plus, in collaboration with University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), to advance the knowledge and skills in management of HCV among primary care providers through one-on-one telementoring.

You can expect the following benefits from participating:

• Patient, provider (you), and UC Davis specialist relationship

• 1 CME credit for participation in HCV education presentation

• Direct, patient-based, real-time consultation and education with Specialist

• Telementoring equipment (camera and speaker) will be provided to you

• One-to-One telementoring that is billable to your practice

• Availability of UC Davis pharmacist for education and support

• HCV-VOICE: Clinical warm line
This study requires

Once you register for participation in this program, the following will be completed before patient referrals:

• Meet and Greet with UC Davis telementoring team

• 1- hour HCV presentation (Optional)

• Completion of contract

As a HCV champion, you will:

• Treat 3 to 5 HCV patients (4 telehealth sessions for each patient) with the close guidance of UCD specialist and pharmacist

• Complete pre- and post- program evaluations

• Utilize “Clinical Management Support Tool”


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