Understanding the genes behind temporohyoid osteoarthropathy in horses

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Study coordinator
Name - Dr. Lais Costa
Email - lrcosta@ucdavis.edu
Phone - (610) 241-2645

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"Help us find out what genes cause temporohyoid osteoarthopathy in horses!"
Animal: Horses & Ponies
Keywords: horse, equine, temporohyoid osteoarthopathy
Type: Genetic Study
200 Participants
Background and purpose
The aim of this study is to perform genetic analysis on a large number of horses of all breeds affected by a neurological condition called Temporohyoid Osteoarthropathy with the ultimate goal of finding a genetic marker for the disease.
What happens in this study

The only procedure required is the collection and submission of a blood sample for DNA extraction. Blood samples (approximately 12 ml) should be collected in EDTA-containg blood collection tubes by a veterinarian.

Pet owner responsibilities

If you decide to participate in this study, a veterinarian would be responsible for collecting and submitting a blood sample and necessary documentation (including pedigree and consent form) to us.

Participation requirements

We are looking for all cases of Temporohyoid Osteoarthropathy of any breed of horse.

Benefits and risks of participating
There are no direct benefits but results from this study could be very helpful to horses of any breed.
Study duration and period
Your time commitment will be approximately one hour to allow for blood to be drawn from your horse and for collection of information (veterinary history and pedigree) on your horse.
Recruitment period
From May 17, 2016 to May 17, 2019
UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
1 Garrod Drive
Large Animal Clinic - Internal Medicine
Davis, CA 95616
Dr. Lais Costa

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