Understanding the genes causing primary glaucoma in American cocker spaniels

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Study coordinator
Name - Monica Motta
Email - mjmotta@ucdavis.edu
Phone - (530) 752-6967

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"Help us find out what genes cause primary glaucoma in American cocker spaniels!"
Animal: Dogs
Age: None specified
Healthy Pets: No
Keywords: primary glaucoma, glaucoma, dog, canine, gene, genomic, proteomic, american cocker spaniel, cocker spaniel
Type: Other - Genetic Study
296 Participants
Background and purpose
Glaucoma is a disease that is a common cause of blindness worldwide in human and canine patients. We are interested in characterizing this disease better with hopes of identifying protein biomarkers or the genetic components of this disease.
What happens in this study

Limited Diagnostic Testing

  • A full ophthalmic examination
  • An eye pressure test prior to and after dilation
  • Dilation of the eyes to examine the back of the eyes
  • Corneal thickness measurements via ultrasonic pachymetry
  • Fluorescein staining to assess for corneal ulcers
  • Digital photographs of the eye
  • Gonioscopy to assess the drainage angles in the eye
  • Non-invasive A-Scan/B-Scan to determine the length of the ocular globe
  • Blood collection for genetic analysis

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

  • If required, advanced ocular imaging, including digital slit lamp photography, spectral domain optical coherence tomography (non-contact imaging), ultrasound biomicroscopy and fundus photography to image the retina
  • Sedation may be required for some of the advanced diagnostic testing procedures.
Pet owner responsibilities

Although we expect to gain the majority of information from your dog in a single visit, we may want to do additional tests if your dog has a glaucomatous attack. We anticipate a maximum of 4 visits over a 2-year period for your dog. You will be responsible for filling out a questionnaire and survey regarding your dog’s history, monitoring the well-being of your dog at home and report any changes or side effects to us, and withhold food from your dog the morning prior to the appointment so that your dog can be sedated for advanced ocular examination. You will also be responsible for covering any costs (beyond $200) related to complications, diagnostic testing, gonioscopy, sedation or blood sampling.

Participation requirements

We are looking for healthy American cocker spaniels that are at least 10 years old with normal eyes and American cocker spaniels diagnosed with primary glaucoma.

Benefits and risks of participating
Results from this study may lead to our improved ability to better predict the onset and progression of this disease. If a gene or effect through diagnostics that causes this disease is found, then we may be able to develop a genetic test or future diagnostic tests to know identify which dogs have or do not have this disease.
The study will cover cost associated with the ophthalmic examination, ocular diagnostic testing, sedation, advanced ophthalmic imaging and blood collection. In addition, the study will cover costs of any complications from the ophthalmic examination, diagnostic testing, gonioscopy, sedation, or blood sampling will be covered by the study up to $200.
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Clinical Trial Informational Flyer
Study duration and period
We expect to gain the majority of information from your dog at a single visit. If your dog has a glaucomatous attack, we may want to do additional tests prior to and following that event. We anticipate a maximum of 4 visits over a 2 year period for your dog.
Recruitment period
From Oct. 28, 2015
UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
1 Garrod Drive
Small Animal Clinic - Ophthalmology
Davis, CA 95616

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