Use of Mobile Apps for Those With PTSD and Their Partners
"Does your spouse or partner have PTSD? Try a mobile app designed to help couples reconnect and move beyond PTSD."
Healthy Volunteers:
PTSD, family, relationship, marriage, stress, Veterans
Clinical Trial
150 Participants
Are you interested in working on your relationship with a spouse or partner who is living with PTSD? This study offers you and your partner access to a mobile app to help manage PTSD in the family.

If you join with your partner, you'll both receive access to the mobile app. You and your partner will also be randomized (by computerized coin flip) to one of two versions of the program, and half of those who join will receive additional materials by mail every 2 weeks for the next 2 months.

Take the survey below to see if you're eligible to join the study!
This study requires
- complete an online survey (~30 minutes)
- download a mobile app to your iPhone
- try recommended relationship-building exercises with your partner
- complete a follow-up online survey (~30 minutes)
- Optional telephone interview
Who can participate
To be eligible, you must:
- be a spouse or partner of a Veteran with PTSD
- have an iPhone or iPad
- have a spouse or partner who is also interested in joining the study
- be willing to try exercises designed to help you communicate with your spouse or partner
- be willing to download and try a mobile app to help deal with common challenges faced by couples dealing with PTSD
Up to $60 in Target gift cards for each member of the couple.
Jason Owen
(650)-493-5000 x.23478 (Menlo Park)

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