Using a combination of therapies for treatment of nasal cancer in dogs

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"Help us find new treatments for dogs with nasal cancer!"
Animal: Dogs
Age: None specified
Healthy Pets: No
Keywords: nasal cancer, cancer, nasal carcinoma, dog, canine, chemotherapy, intera-arterial chemotherapy, radiotherapy
Type: Device / Surgical Technique
6 Participants
Background and purpose
The purpose of this study is to prospectively evaluate the response of nasal cancer to a combination of therapies (chemotherapy and radiation therapy) in dogs.
What happens in this study

Dogs that are scheduled to receive radiation therapy for the treatment of nasal cancer can be enrolled in the study. Dogs will be placed into a group receiving radiation therapy alone or with chemotherapy. Response to these treatments will be assessed with CT scans (done before and after treatment).

Pet owner responsibilities

You will be responsible for providing follow-up information to the treating clinicians and returning the dog 4 weeks after initiation of radiation therapy for a second CT evaluation (the first is performed prior to treatment).

Participation requirements

We are looking for dogs diagnosed with nasal tumors.

Benefits and risks of participating
We hope that the data acquired in this study will allow us to advance the treatment of cancer in both pets and people.
The CT scans, chemotherapy administration, and part of the radiation therapy will be paid for by the study.
Study duration and period
We expect that participation in this clinical trial will last for 6 months (4 visits at Day 1, 14, 42 and 180).
Recruitment period
From July 28, 2016
UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
1 Garrod Drive
Small Animal Clinic - Soft Tissue Surgery
Davis, CA 95616
Dr. Bill Culp

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