Women needed to help us understand what happens when a birth control pill is taken late or a whole day is skipped
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"You may be eligible to help researchers learn more about the most effective way to use estrogen-free birth control pills!"
Age: 18 to 35 years old
Healthy Volunteers: Yes
Keywords: women, women's health, birth control, birth control pill, oral contraception, progestin-only, estrogen-free, pill, the pill, woman, contraceptives
Type: Drug study, Phase 2
70 Participants
The purpose of this clinical research study is to understand the effect of a delayed or missed birth control pill. We know that birth control pills are most effective when taken at the same time every day. This study will help us understand more about what happens to the cervical mucus and the ovaries when a progestin-only pill (POP) is taken late or a whole day is skipped.

The pill used in this study is Norgestrel, a progestin-only pill (POP). This POP has been marketed in the United States in the past but is not currently approved for use so it is considered experimental.

If you're currently not taking a hormonal contraceptive, are unable to become pregnant, or willing to refrain from sexual activity during the course of the study you may be eligible.

This clinical research study is conducted at the UC Davis Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. You will receive all study medication and study evaluations at no cost, and compensation for your time is available.
This study requires

The overall duration of your participation in this study will be 4 1/2 months at most.

You will be asked to visit our research office at the UC Davis Medical Center for up to 41 visits. Your visits will occur twice a week at some time points, every other day at others, and sometimes you will be asked to come in every day for a brief period. A few times in the study you will be asked to stay at our clinic for several hours or come in multiple times a day. You will not get to pick when these visits occur. Some visits may need to occur in the evening, on weekends, or on holidays, as well as during normal business hours.

Women in the study will use the study birth control pill, Norgestrel 75 mcg, daily for about 3 months.

Who can participate
  • Are between the ages of 18 and 35

  • Are not taking any hormones

  • Are not at risk for pregnancy (you are not sexually active, use a barrier method of birth control, have a partner with a vasectomy, have had a tubal ligation, or are in a same sex relationship)

  • Have an intact uterus and both ovaries

  • Have normal menstrual cycles

  • Are in good general health

  • Have a BMI of less than 32

Qualified participants will be compensated up to $3700 for time and effort.
Study duration and period
This study may take up to 4 1/2 months
University of California Davis
4860 Y Street
Suite 2500
Sacramento, CA 95817
Courtney Overstreet

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