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The WISDOM Study (wisdomstudy.org)

What is the best mammogram screening schedule for women? Clinical experts disagree. Help us find out!

A groundbreaking breast cancer screening study is underway in California and you may be eligible to be a part of it. It’s called the Wisdom Study. The aim is to determine if we can make screening better by personalizing each woman’s mammogram schedule, compared to the current one-size-fits-all, annual approach. In the United States, most women start screening for breast cancer at age 40. This has been the standard for the past thirty years and is the guideline recommended by some professional organizations. But within the medical community, there is disagreement on whether this is the best approach. This has led to competing and conflicting guidelines. Women receive different screening recommendations depending on what clinician or specialist they visit. This has left many women confused about what age to start screening, how frequently to screen, and until what age. The WISDOM Study (Women Informed to Screen Depending on Measures of risk) is being spearheaded by University of California physicians and scientists as part of the statewide Athena Breast Health Network. WISDOM is designed to test an approach that uses our understanding of personal breast cancer risk to try to optimize screening. This approach personalizes screening recommendations depending on a woman’s personal risk assessment: women at high risk are screened more frequently and beginning at a younger age, while women at low risk start later and are screened less frequently. The 5-year, 100,000 woman study will determine whether this approach works better than annual screening.

Female, age 40-74