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UC Davis Health Clinical Studies

Exploring Alcohol Consumption in the Hmong-American Community

Help us understand the needs for community health outreach related to alcohol use and misuse in Hmong-American community

Hmong are one of the fastest growing Asian American groups in the United States and more information can help shape health care needs for this group. Recent research shows alcohol use has increased in Asian Americans, but little is known about differences in alcohol use among the many different Asian American communities, including Hmong. The purpose of this research project is to document alcohol use in Hmong-Americans living in Sacramento, California. The findings will serve as a resource that outlines the needs for community health outreach related to alcohol use and misuse in this group. Participants will also be offered a debriefing of the research findings from this study

Any, age 18-100 years old

A Family-Focused Intervention for Asian American Male Smokers

Can a family-focused intervention promote smoking cessation in Chinese and Vietnamese male smokers?

This project proposes two aims. The first aim is to evaluate the efficacy of a family-focused intervention in promoting smoking cessation in Chinese and Vietnamese male smokers. Half of the participants will be assigned to the proposed intervention, and the remaining half will be assigned to an attention-control condition where they will receive education on healthy eating and physical activity. The second aim is to explore mediators to identify key psychosocial and behavioral processes that underlie how the intervention affects the processes of quitting and maintaining abstinence in Chinese and Vietnamese smokers.

Behavioral study
Male, age 18 to 100 years old